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Building options

There are several ways to approach the design and construction of your pool and we offer a flexible service to ensure you have the best possible advice for the minimum expense.  The essential considerations are as follows:

The first stage of building a swimming pool, as in any building project, is the design.  A scribble on the back of an envelope may be your first attempt at planning your pool but this needs to be developed into a workable plan to make your dream pool a reality.  The very nature of indoor pools demands closer and more specialised attention.  Your local authority will almost certainly need to be advised of your plans and applications filed for an indoor pool which may or may not be the case with most outdoor pools.

This work is best undertaken  by a professional, whether it is us or your local architect.  If choose to use your local architect we can “join the team” and provide specialist advice to them in progressing your application.  If you decide to use our services exclusively, we can provide you with a complete survey and design service for pool and building.

This may be carried out in a number of ways: it is essential that you are comfortable with your final choice.  Some options are:

Main contractor:
The entire construction is handed over to a building contractor who will manage the project from start to finish.  A pool construction company will usually be employed for the specialist pool works.  Either you or your designer will be responsible for controlling the progress and costs of the operation.  Usually the simplest, butmost expensive, option!

Pool contractor:   
The pool and associated equipment is installed by a (preferably SPATA registered) pool contractor.  The remaining works are carried out by your local contractor or separate sub-contractors.  This usually demands more of your time in organisation, but will be more cost-effective.

The entire project is managed by your and will involve as many specialist trades as you need.  Many people successfully build their own homes and whilea pool sounds daunting, it really only involves building, plumbing and electrics.  Get the professionals in and you will still save thousands!

If you can build (or bolt panels together), plumb, wire and generally turn your hand to anything, then have a go at full DIY!  For the cost of only the materials you will have a pool that you can be proud of.

We are happy to advise you which method of construction would be right for you and be able to offer you the level of support you will need throughout.  We can also supply all the equipment you need, usually with a very welcome discount!