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‘Selfbuildpools’ and ‘pooldesign’ are trading names of Ian Lewis Design.  ‘Simpool’ is a registered Trade Mark property of Ian Lewis


Welcome to  Ian Lewis Design + selfbuildpools.




If you are looking to build a swimming pool, whether it be an outside pool for occasional use in the summer, an indoor pool or a fully fitted out commercial leisure suite, we can help you.  Please refer to the Pool design and selfbuildpools section.


If you are interested in our innovative deck level system (which makes elegant pools affordable), then please refer to the Simpool deck level system section.  


If you have any queries about pools and cannot find the answer here, or simply want to discuss your pool, please telephone me on


0870 240 6356


I look forward to helping you.



Ian Lewis DesRCA TnISPE Cert


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